Are David and Melina Montelongo still married?

Are David and Melina Montelongo still married?

David Montelongo Melina Montelongo Marital Status
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David and Melina Montelongo gained fame as real estate investors and television personalities on the reality show “Flip This House.” The couple appeared together on the show, showcasing their successful house flipping business and sharing their strategies for making money in the real estate market. However, like many celebrity couples, there have been rumors circulating about the status of their marriage.

As of recent reports, it appears that David and Melina Montelongo are no longer married. While they were once a dynamic duo in both their personal and professional lives, it seems that they have decided to go their separate ways. Neither David nor Melina has publicly addressed the details surrounding their divorce or provided any specific reasons for ending their marriage.

Who are David and Melina Montelongo?

  • David Montelongo: David was born on November 9, 1970, in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit and started his first business at the age of 16. David became involved in real estate investing in the early 2000s and quickly found success.
  • Melina Montelongo: Melina is David’s ex-wife and was his partner both personally and professionally. Born on December 22, 1976, she also had a passion for entrepreneurship from a young age. Together with David, Melina built a successful house flipping business that garnered national attention.

The couple gained widespread recognition through their appearances on the reality show “Flip This House,” which aired from 2005 to 2009. They shared their strategies for buying distressed properties, renovating them, and selling them for profit. Their dynamic personalities and expertise made them fan favorites among viewers interested in real estate investment.

Their marriage and relationship history

  • The couple tied the knot in 1995, making them married for over two decades.
  • They have four children together, which indicates the longevity and depth of their relationship.
  • During their time on “Flip This House,” David and Melina showcased not only their business partnership but also their strong bond as a couple. Their ability to work together effectively contributed to the success of their real estate ventures.
  • However, despite the positive portrayal of their relationship on television, rumors began circulating about marital issues that ultimately led to divorce.

It is important to note that details surrounding the breakdown of David and Melina Montelongo’s marriage have not been publicly disclosed. As with any personal matter, it is essential to respect their privacy during this challenging time in both of their lives.

Early years and courtship

During these early years of their relationship, David and Melina laid the foundation for what would become a successful partnership both personally and professionally. They built a strong connection based on mutual interests and goals, setting them up for future success in the world of real estate investing.

Marriage and family life

While divorce marks the end of this chapter in David and Melina’s lives, it is important to acknowledge the positive aspects they experienced as partners and parents during their time together.

Challenges and rumors

  • Rumors of infidelity: There were unconfirmed reports suggesting that infidelity played a role in the couple’s decision to divorce.
  • The pressures of fame: Being in the spotlight can put strain on any relationship. The added pressure from being public figures may have contributed to the difficulties they faced as a couple.
  • Differences in personal and professional goals: Like any married couple, David and Melina likely had different aspirations and visions for their future. These differences could have led to conflicts within both their personal lives and business ventures.

It is important to remember that these challenges and rumors are speculative, as neither David nor Melina has publicly confirmed or denied them. As outsiders looking in, it is crucial to respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Separation and divorce rumors

  • One rumor suggests that their professional commitments and busy schedules caused strain on their marriage, leading to a decision to part ways.
  • Another speculation is that financial difficulties or disagreements related to their real estate investments may have contributed to their relationship’s deterioration.
  • Social media posts from both David and Melina indicated a shift in their personal lives. They began posting separately and sharing updates about individual endeavors rather than as a couple.

It is worth noting that neither David nor Melina has publicly confirmed or denied these rumors. As with any high-profile breakup, it is common for various stories to circulate without official statements clarifying the details of the situation. Ultimately, only those directly involved truly know what led to the end of their marriage.

Media speculation and rumors

Some of the common media speculations and rumors surrounding David and Melina’s relationship include:

  • Social media hints: Both David and Melina have made cryptic posts on social media platforms that suggest a change in their marital status.
  • Career focus: Some speculate that the demands of their successful real estate careers may have put strain on their marriage.
  • Lifestyle differences: It has been rumored that differing personal interests or goals contributed to the decision to end their marriage.

It is important to approach such speculations with caution as they are based on conjecture rather than confirmed information from either party involved. Ultimately, only David and Melina can provide accurate insight into the reasons behind their separation.

Public statements and social media activity

Following their divorce, David and Melina Montelongo have made limited public statements regarding their personal lives. However, they have been active on social media platforms, offering glimpses into their individual journeys.

  • David’s social media activity: On his social media accounts, David has shared updates about his real estate projects and motivational content aimed at inspiring others to pursue success in the industry.
  • Melina’s social media activity: Melina has also utilized her social media presence to share insights into her life post-divorce. She frequently posts about personal growth, empowerment, and family-related topics.

While neither of them directly addresses the status of their relationship or provides details surrounding the divorce, their individual activities on social media suggest that they are moving forward with their respective paths.

Legal proceedings and settlements

  • Division of assets: Determining how their shared properties, investments, and other assets will be divided.
  • Child custody and support: Establishing arrangements for the care and well-being of their children, including visitation schedules and financial support.
  • Spousal support: Deciding if one party will provide financial assistance to the other following the divorce.

The outcome of these legal proceedings is typically outlined in a settlement agreement or determined by a court if an agreement cannot be reached. As with most divorces, the specifics remain private unless voluntarily disclosed by either party involved.

Current status of their relationship

  • David and Melina have not publicly addressed whether they remain friends or maintain any form of ongoing professional partnership.
  • Both individuals have continued to pursue their respective careers in real estate investing since their divorce.
  • It is possible that they have moved on romantically with other partners, although this information has not been made public.

Ultimately, the specifics of David and Melina Montelongo’s current relationship remain private. As fans and followers, it is important to respect their individual journeys and allow them the space to navigate this new chapter in their lives.

Co-parenting and business partnerships

  • Co-parenting: Despite the challenges that come with divorce, David and Melina are committed to providing a stable and supportive environment for their children. They prioritize effective communication, shared responsibilities, and making decisions in the best interest of their kids.
  • Business partnerships: Even though they are no longer married, David and Melina still collaborate on real estate ventures. Their ability to maintain a professional working relationship speaks volumes about their dedication to achieving success in the industry.

Their experience as business partners prior to divorcing has likely influenced how they approach collaboration now. Both individuals understand the importance of separating personal issues from professional endeavors, allowing them to continue working together despite the changes in their marital status.

Individual endeavors and projects

  • Melina Montelongo:
    • Melina established her own company called Melina Montelongo Realty & Associates.
      < li > She specializes in residential real estate sales, helping clients buy or sell homes.

      Insights into their personal lives

      • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Both David and Melina share a passion for entrepreneurship, which likely contributed to their success in the real estate industry.
      • Family-Oriented: With four children together, it is evident that family played an important role in their lives. They often shared photos and updates about their family on social media.
      • Motivational Speaking: Following the end of “Flip This House,” David and Melina transitioned into motivational speaking. They aimed to inspire others with their success story and share insights into the world of real estate investment.

      While they may no longer be married, both David and Melina continue to pursue individual endeavors while maintaining a focus on personal growth, professional development, and inspiring others through their experiences.


      In conclusion, David and Melina Montelongo, once known for their successful real estate business and appearances on “Flip This House,” are no longer married. While the details surrounding their divorce remain private, it is evident that they have chosen to go their separate ways.

      David and Melina’s journey as a couple and business partners was an inspiration to many aspiring real estate investors. Their ability to work together effectively contributed to their success in the industry.

      As with any relationship, marriages can face challenges that may lead to separation or divorce. It is important to respect the privacy of individuals going through such personal struggles and focus on the positive impact they had during their time together.

      FAQ on ‘Are David and Melina Montelongo still married?’

      Question 2: When did David and Melina Montelongo get divorced?

      Answer: The exact date of their divorce is not publicly known.

      Question 3: What was the reason for David and Melina Montelongo’s divorce?

      Answer: The reasons for their divorce have not been disclosed to the public.

      Question 4: Do David and Melina Montelongo have any children together?

      Answer: Yes, they have two children together.

      Question 5: What are David and Melina Montelongo doing now?

      Answer: Both David and Melina Montelongo continue to pursue their respective careers in real estate.