Bruce Joseph Mcgiverin

Bruce Joseph Mcgiverin

Name: Bruce Joseph Mcgiverin
Location: Puerto Rico, San Juan County, San Juan
General Information: 33 years of experience | New York
Contact Information:

Since 1989, Bruce Joseph Mcgiverin has been admitted to practice law in New York, New York State Office of Court Administration. He is a registered lawyer with an ID Number of 2291748.

Although Bruce Joseph Mcgiverin’s primary practice areas are not specified, he has additional practice areas that he specializes in. He offers his legal services to clients without charging any fees, making him an affordable and accessible choice for those in need of legal representation.

Bruce Joseph Mcgiverin’s language proficiency is not mentioned, but his expertise and experience in law are evident. His qualifications, experience, and accessible legal services make him an excellent choice for clients seeking reliable legal representation.

Mr. Mcgiverin’s legal expertise has earned him recognition within the legal community. He has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, highlighting his exceptional legal abilities and dedication to his clients.

As a member of the New York State Bar, Mr. Mcgiverin has been an active participant in the legal community. He has been a member of the organization since 1989 and remains a current member. Through his membership, he has had the opportunity to network with other legal professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest legal developments.