Get to Know Brooke and Cody – The Teen Parents From 16 and Pregnant

Get to Know Brooke and Cody – The Teen Parents From 16 and Pregnant

Name: Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant Cody Tarrant
Age: 16 17
Hometown: Grand Prairie, Texas Grand Prairie, Texas
Relationship Status: Dating Dating
Baby’s Name: Brooke’s baby boy – Brody Ryan Smitherman-Tarrant Cody’s baby girl – Ryley Jean Tarrant
Baby’s Birthday: December 18, 2009 October 29, 2010
16 and Pregnant Episode: Season 2, Episode 5 Season 2, Episode 6
Where are they now?: Brooke is married and has two more children. She works as a real estate agent. Cody is a father of two and works as an electrician. Cody is married and has two more children. He works as an electrician.

Who are Brooke and Cody?

Before appearing on the show, Brooke was just 16 years old when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. She grew up in Mansfield, Texas, where she met Cody at a high school football game. Cody was also 16 at the time and attended another school nearby. Despite their young age, they fell in love quickly and decided to start a family together.

  • Their daughter Ryley Jean Tarrant was born on July 27th, 2012

Early life and background

Cody was born on February 28th, 1996, and he also grew up in Mansfield, Texas. His parents divorced when he was young and his mom remarried soon after. Cody has two half-siblings from his mother’s second marriage. Despite the challenges of coming from a broken home, Cody did well academically in school and played football for his high school team.

  • Cody’s dad struggled with addiction issues which put some strain on their relationship
  • Cody’s stepdad served as a positive role model for him growing up
  • In addition to playing football, Cody enjoyed fishing and hunting with friends

How they met and began dating

Their relationship wasn’t always easy though, especially when they found out that Brooke was pregnant at just 16 years old. Despite the challenges ahead of them, Cody stood by Brooke’s side throughout her pregnancy and supported her every step of the way.

  • They both knew that becoming parents would be a huge responsibility but felt confident that they could handle it together as a team
  • Cody worked long hours at his job to provide for their family while Brooke finished up her high school education

Discovery of Brooke’s pregnancy

The news of Brooke’s pregnancy was met with mixed reactions from their families. While both sets of grandparents-to-be were supportive, there were some concerns about how Brooke and Cody would be able to handle the responsibilities of parenthood at such a young age.

  • Cody’s mom encouraged him to continue working hard so he could provide for his family
  • Brooke’s parents worried that she might miss out on some important experiences by becoming a mother so early in life

Their story on 16 and Pregnant

Brooke and Cody’s story was featured on season 4 of the hit MTV show ’16 and Pregnant’. The show followed their journey as teenage parents, highlighting the struggles they faced along the way.

  • The couple had to navigate issues such as balancing school with parenting responsibilities, financial strain, and coping with family drama
  • Their episode received positive reviews from viewers who praised them for being hardworking and dedicated parents despite their young age
  • Many fans also admired how Brooke and Cody prioritized their daughter’s well-being above all else

Brooke’s pregnancy journey

Brooke’s pregnancy journey was documented on the MTV show ’16 and Pregnant’. The couple shared their experiences with viewers, including the challenges of balancing school, work, and parenthood at a young age. Despite some bumps in the road along the way, Brooke and Cody remained committed to each other and their growing family.

  • Their daughter Ryley was born healthy but had to spend some time in the NICU due to complications
  • Brooke struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth
  • Cody remained supportive throughout this difficult time for Brooke

Cody’s reaction to the pregnancy

Cody’s initial reaction to the news of Brooke’s pregnancy was one of shock and disbelief. He knew that they were young and had a lot of growing up to do before becoming parents. However, he quickly realized that this was his new reality and decided to step up to the challenge.

  • He supported Brooke emotionally throughout her pregnancy, attending doctor appointments with her and offering words of encouragement
  • Cody also began working extra hours at his job so that they could save money for their baby’s arrival

While it wasn’t easy adjusting to life as teenage parents, Cody remained committed to making things work with Brooke and providing a stable home environment for their daughter Ryley.

Their families’ reactions

Both Brooke and Cody’s families were initially shocked when they found out that the teenagers were expecting a child. They worried about how their children would be able to handle the challenges of parenthood at such a young age, but ultimately supported them in their decision to start a family together.

  • Brooke’s mom was hesitant at first but eventually came around and became one of Ryley’s biggest supporters
  • Cody’s stepdad offered guidance and support for the couple throughout Brooke’s pregnancy

Challenges they faced during filming

Brooke and Cody’s life was documented on the MTV reality show ’16 and Pregnant’. While filming, they faced a number of challenges that tested their relationship and parenting skills.

  • The stress of having cameras around all the time put additional pressure on Brooke and Cody as they navigated new parenthood
  • Brooke struggled with postpartum depression after Ryley was born, which added another layer of difficulty to an already challenging situation
  • Cody also had to deal with criticism from his own family for not finishing high school before becoming a dad

Life after 16 and Pregnant

In 2015, Brooke gave birth to her second child, a son named Brody. This time around, they were better prepared for parenthood and felt more confident in their abilities as parents.

  • Brooke went back to school part-time to pursue a degree in nursing
  • Cody continued working full-time as an electrician

The couple eventually got married in 2019 after being together for nearly eight years. Today, they continue to work hard to provide the best life possible for their children and are grateful for the opportunities that have come their way since appearing on the show.

Brooke and Cody’s relationship status

Despite this betrayal, Cody forgave Brooke and they worked through their issues together. They welcomed a second child, daughter Kaylee Michelle Tarrant in February 2015.

  • The couple became engaged shortly before Kaylee’s birth but have yet to tie the knot

Parenthood and raising their daughter

Raising a child comes with its challenges but Brooke and Cody did an admirable job raising their daughter. They had some help from family members along the way.

  • Cody’s mom was supportive throughout their journey as parents
  • Brooke’s grandmother also provided guidance when needed

The couple faced some bumps in the road over time including financial struggles which put a strain on their relationship. Despite this, they remained committed to each other through thick and thin.

Education and career paths

Cody also faced challenges in his career path due to the responsibilities of being a young parent.

  • He worked at a fast-food restaurant while still in high school
  • Cody went on to work construction jobs after graduation
  • Despite these challenges, he has remained dedicated to providing for his family

Financial struggles and overcoming them

Despite the financial difficulties that they faced, Brooke and Cody never lost sight of what was important – providing a stable home environment for Ryley.

  • They relied on support from family members when times got tough
  • They also worked hard to improve their financial situation by finding better jobs or opportunities whenever possible

Their experiences as young parents taught them valuable lessons about responsibility, perseverance, and the importance of having a strong support system in place during difficult times.

Brooke and Cody’s impact on teen pregnancy

Brooke and Cody’s story on 16 and Pregnant shed light on the reality of teen pregnancy and the challenges that come with it. Their impact was felt not only by their own family but also by countless viewers who watched their journey unfold on television. They have since become advocates for teen pregnancy prevention and education, using their platform to share their experiences with others.

  • They frequently speak at high schools and other events about the importance of safe sex practices
  • Their story has inspired others to pursue education and career goals despite becoming parents at a young age

Positive and negative reactions to their story

Brooke and Cody’s story has elicited a range of reactions from viewers of the show, 16 and Pregnant. Some people have praised them for their dedication to each other and their daughter, while others have criticized them for becoming parents at such a young age.

  • Many people believe that Brooke and Cody are good role models for young parents because they have shown that it is possible to be successful despite having a child at a young age
  • Others think that shows like 16 and Pregnant glamorize teenage pregnancy and make it seem like an easy or desirable choice
  • Some viewers have also expressed concern about the toll that being on reality TV could take on Brooke, Cody, and their family

Advocacy for teen pregnancy prevention

Brooke and Cody have used their platform on 16 and Pregnant to become advocates for teen pregnancy prevention. They want to make sure that other young people understand the challenges of becoming parents at a young age and are equipped with the knowledge they need to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

  • They have spoken at high schools about their experiences as teen parents, hoping to inspire others
  • Cody has also shared his story of growing up with a father who struggled with addiction, in hopes of helping others facing similar situations
  • The couple has encouraged their social media followers to practice safe sex and use birth control if they aren’t ready for parenthood yet

Lessons learned from their experience

Their story also highlights the importance of education and support for young parents. Despite the odds stacked against them, Brooke was able to graduate high school on time thanks in part to a program that provided childcare services for student-parents.

In conclusion, while becoming teen parents wasn’t part of their plan, Brooke and Cody rose to the challenge together. They faced many obstacles along the way but emerged stronger as individuals and as a couple.

Where are Brooke and Cody now?

Brooke is now pursuing her passion for makeup artistry and runs her own business while also juggling motherhood. She frequently shares photos of her work on social media as well as updates about her family life.

  • Cody works as an electrician and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family when he’s not working

The couple has expressed gratitude for the opportunities that appearing on “16 and Pregnant” has given them, including being able to raise awareness about teen pregnancy prevention. They’ve also acknowledged that the show helped them grow up quickly and learn valuable lessons about responsibility, love, and commitment.

Current updates on their lives

Since their appearance on 16 and Pregnant, Brooke and Cody have continued to build a life together as a family. Here are some current updates on their lives:

  • In addition to Ryley, they now have two more children – a son named Kayden and another daughter named Brooklyn
  • Cody works as an electrician while Brooke is a stay-at-home mom
  • They enjoy spending time outdoors with their kids, including fishing trips and hiking adventures
  • Brooke has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression but continues to work towards better mental health

Social media presence and public appearances

In terms of public appearances, Brooke and Cody attended the Teen Mom OG reunion in 2015 along with other cast members from the franchise. They also made an appearance at a charity event benefiting families affected by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Plans for the future

In addition, they both have aspirations for their careers:

  • Brooke hopes to become a registered nurse one day
  • Cody has an interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement or becoming a firefighter

Despite the challenges that they faced as young parents, Brooke and Cody remain optimistic about what the future holds for them. They continue to work hard towards achieving their goals while prioritizing the well-being of their family.


In conclusion, Brooke and Cody’s story is one of perseverance, love, and dedication. Despite the challenges they faced as young parents, they never gave up on each other or their family. They continue to inspire others with their positive attitudes and commitment to raising their children together.

  • Brooke and Cody have been together for over 9 years now
  • The couple has two daughters – Ryley Jean Tarrant born in July 2012 and Kaydence Brielle Tarrant born in August 2015

Their journey was documented on the hit MTV reality show ’16 & Pregnant’, which launched them into the public eye. Today, they continue to share updates about their lives on social media where fans can follow along with their family’s adventures.

Final thoughts on Brooke and Cody’s story

Their story serves as an inspiration for other young couples who may find themselves in similar situations. It shows that with determination, hard work, and a strong support system, anything is possible.

The lasting impact of 16 and Pregnant on teen pregnancy awareness.

One of the most significant impacts of 16 and Pregnant was its influence on teen pregnancy awareness. By showcasing the struggles that teen parents face, the show helped raise awareness about the importance of safe sex practices and contraception use among young people.

  • The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reported a decline in teen birth rates following the show’s premiere
  • Several studies have been conducted on the impact of 16 and Pregnant on teenage viewers, with many suggesting that it played a role in changing attitudes towards teenage parenthood
  • The show has been praised for showing an unfiltered look at the realities of teen pregnancy, including financial struggles and strained relationships between young parents

FAQ on ‘Get to Know Brooke and Cody – The Teen Parents From 16 and Pregnant’

How old were Brooke and Cody when they had their baby?

Brooke was 17 years old, while Cody was 19 years old when they had their daughter, Ryley.

What challenges did Brooke and Cody face as teen parents?

Brooke and Cody faced several challenges as teen parents, including financial difficulties, lack of support from their families, and the pressure of balancing parenthood with school responsibilities.

What is the current status of Brooke and Cody’s relationship?

It is unclear what the current status of Brooke and Cody’s relationship is. However, they have both expressed a desire to co-parent their daughter effectively.

What advice do Brooke and Cody have for other teen parents?

In interviews, Brooke and Cody have advised other teen parents to seek out support systems, prioritize education, and always put their child first.