Livia Ruth Morales

Livia Ruth Morales

Name: Livia Ruth Morales
Location: Puerto Rico, San Juan County, San Juan
General Information: 20 years of experience | Intellectual Property, Patents | California
Contact Information:

Ms. Morales is admitted to practice in California, and has been a member of the State Bar of California since 2003. Her ID number is 224504. She has a proven track record of providing exceptional legal services to her clients, and charges no fees for her services.

Ms. Morales is fluent in multiple languages, which allows her to provide legal services to a diverse clientele. Her passion for the law and commitment to her clients make her a valuable asset to any legal team.

In recognition of her outstanding work as a lawyer, Livia Ruth Morales has received several awards throughout her career. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to her clients have earned her the respect of her colleagues and the admiration of her clients. She is a skilled negotiator and litigator who has successfully resolved numerous complex legal disputes.

Livia Ruth Morales is an active member of the California State Bar, where she has been a member since 2003. As a member of the bar, she is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in the legal profession. She is also a member of several professional associations, including the American Bar Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Livia regularly participates in seminars and continuing legal education programs to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the legal field.