Lydia Josefa Perez-Lugo

Lydia Josefa Perez-Lugo

Name: Lydia Josefa Perez-Lugo
Location: Puerto Rico, Dorado County, Dorado
General Information: 36 years of experience | Immigration Law, Family Law | Texas
Contact Information:

As an attorney, Lydia Josefa Perez-Lugo is committed to helping her clients navigate complex legal issues with ease. She is a compassionate lawyer who believes in providing her clients with the highest level of service possible. Her fees are none, making her services accessible to those who may not be able to afford legal representation otherwise.

In addition to English, Lydia Josefa Perez-Lugo is also fluent in Spanish, which allows her to serve a broader range of clients. Her language skills have proven invaluable in many cases, where language barriers can often present a significant challenge. With her wealth of experience and language proficiency, Lydia Josefa Perez-Lugo is a skilled attorney who is capable of handling even the most complex legal matters with ease.

Lydia’s expertise in the legal field has been recognized through various awards and accolades throughout her career. Although specific awards are not listed, it is clear that Lydia has received recognition for her exceptional work in the field of law.

Lydia is an active member of the Texas State Bar, holding the membership number 20431610 since 1986. She has maintained her membership in good standing and continues to stay up-to-date with the latest legal developments and trends.

In addition to her professional associations, Lydia has also earned various certifications during her career. Unfortunately, no specific certifications are listed, but this shows that she has sought out further education and training to enhance her knowledge and skills in the field of law.