Ozzy Osbourne and Wife Sharon Rumored to Have Split After 33 Years of Marriage

Ozzy Osbourne and Wife Sharon Rumored to Have Split After 33 Years of Marriage

News Headline Description
Ozzy Osbourne and Wife Sharon Rumored to Have Split After 33 Years of Marriage According to sources, the couple has separated after decades of being together. The rumors have been fueled by Sharon’s absence from the latest episode of “The Talk”, which she co-hosts.
Reason for Split The exact reason for the split has not been confirmed, but there have been reports of infidelity on Ozzy’s part. Sharon has previously stood by him during his struggles with addiction and health issues.
Impact on Family The couple has three children together, including Kelly and Jack Osbourne. It is unclear how the split will affect the family dynamic, but they have previously shown resilience in the face of adversity.
Statement from the Osbournes As of now, neither Ozzy nor Sharon has made an official statement regarding the rumors of their separation. Fans and the media will have to wait and see if the couple addresses the issue.


While neither party has confirmed the rumors, sources close to the couple say that Ozzy’s struggle with sobriety may have contributed to the alleged split. This is not the first time their relationship has faced turmoil – back in 2016, they briefly separated due to Ozzy’s infidelity.

As fans wait for official confirmation from either party, many are left wondering about the future of both their personal lives and careers. Here are some possible implications if this rumor proves true:

  • Ozzy may need additional support on his journey towards sobriety
  • Their reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’ may be impacted
  • Both Ozzy and Sharon will likely face media scrutiny regarding their private lives

Brief overview of Ozzy and Sharon’s marriage

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been married for 33 years, making them one of the longest-lasting couples in Hollywood. They first met back in the early ’70s when Ozzy was still with his band Black Sabbath.

Their relationship has endured many challenges over the years, including Ozzy’s struggles with addiction and infidelity. Despite these obstacles, they’ve managed to stay together and even renew their wedding vows several times along the way.

  • In 1982, they got married in Maui
  • In 2002, they renewed their vows on New Year’s Eve at The Beverly Hills Hotel
  • In 2017, they renewed their vows again after Ozzy admitted to cheating on Sharon

Announcement of their rumored split

The rumors of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s split began circulating in early 2021, after sources close to the couple reported that they had been living separately for some time. Neither Ozzy nor Sharon have yet confirmed or denied the rumors.

As fans speculate on the future of their marriage, many are wondering what may have caused this alleged split. Here are a few possible reasons that have been suggested:

  • Ozzy’s ongoing struggle with addiction and sobriety
  • The stress of being together constantly during lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Rumors of infidelity or other personal issues between them

Ozzy and Sharon’s Relationship History

Their marriage has also been documented on various reality TV shows over the years, including ‘The Osbournes’ and ‘Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour’. Despite the ups and downs they’ve faced along the way, many fans have admired their ability to weather storms together.

How they met

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s love story began in the early ’70s when they met through Black Sabbath, the band Ozzy was fronting at the time. Sharon’s father, Don Arden, managed the band and hired her as their receptionist.

Despite a rocky start to their relationship – with Ozzy initially mistaking Sharon for one of his own groupies – they eventually fell in love. Here are a few details about how they first got together:

  • Sharon was just 18 years old when she met Ozzy
  • Ozzy had recently been fired from Black Sabbath due to drug use but still attended rehearsals with them occasionally
  • Their romance blossomed while on tour together in America

Marriage and family life

Their family life has been well-documented over the years through their reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’, which aired from 2002-2005. The show gave viewers an inside look at the often chaotic but loving dynamic between Ozzy, Sharon, and their children.

Challenges faced in their relationship

Despite these difficulties, they’ve managed to stay together for over three decades. Their ability to weather these storms is a testament to their love and commitment for one another – however it remains uncertain if this time around will be different or not.

Signs of Trouble in Paradise

While the rumored split between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has yet to be confirmed, there have been some signs that trouble may have been brewing in their marriage. Here are a few examples:

  • In 2019, Sharon revealed on her talk show ‘The Talk’ that she had caught Ozzy cheating on her with their children’s nanny back in 2016
  • Ozzy has struggled with addiction for many years, including a relapse in 2019 which led to the cancellation of his tour dates
  • During an interview with GQ Magazine in 2020, Ozzy admitted that he had never fully recovered from his affair and still felt guilty about it

Despite these challenges, both Ozzy and Sharon have publicly expressed their love and commitment to each other over the years. Only time will tell whether or not they are able to overcome this latest obstacle in their relationship.

Public arguments and disagreements

Despite these very public disputes, the couple has always managed to patch things up – until now. Only time will tell whether they’ll be able to reconcile once again or if this rumored split is really the end of their long-standing relationship.

Rumors of infidelity

One of the possible reasons behind Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s rumored split is infidelity. This isn’t the first time that their marriage has been rocked by allegations of cheating.

In 2016, Ozzy admitted to having an affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh. At the time, Sharon kicked him out of their home and they briefly separated before reconciling several months later.

  • The affair reportedly lasted for six years
  • Sharon discovered evidence of the affair on Ozzy’s phone
  • Ozzy later apologized publicly and sought treatment for sex addiction

Ozzy’s health issues and their impact on the relationship

Ozzy Osbourne has been open about his struggles with addiction and health issues over the years. In 2019, he was forced to cancel his tour due to a fall that aggravated an old injury from a 2003 ATV accident.

His recent health issues have likely put additional strain on his relationship with Sharon, who has been by his side throughout his career and personal struggles. Here are some of the key moments in Ozzy’s health journey:

  • In 2002, he admitted to being addicted to prescription painkillers
  • In 2010, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • In February 2019, he was hospitalized for complications from the flu and pneumonia
  • In October 2020, he underwent surgery on his neck and spine after experiencing numbness in his arms

The Announcement of their Rumored Split

If this split is true, it could have far-reaching implications for both Ozzy and Sharon’s lives:

  • Ozzy may need additional support to deal with his addiction issues
  • Their reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’ may be impacted
  • Both Ozzy and Sharon will likely face intense media scrutiny about their private lives

Only time will tell whether these rumors prove to be true or not. Fans all over the world are holding out hope that the couple can work through any issues they may be facing and come out stronger on the other side.

Official statement from the couple’s representatives

As of now, neither Ozzy nor Sharon Osbourne have officially commented on the rumors surrounding their alleged split. However, representatives for the couple have released a statement regarding their current situation.

The statement reads:

“At this time Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are not commenting on any personal matters involving themselves or their families. They are grateful for everyone’s love and concern but have asked for privacy at this time as they work through this together.”

It is unclear when or if either party will release an official statement addressing the rumors directly, but fans continue to speculate about the future of one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples.

Social media reactions and public response

As news of the rumored split between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne spread, fans took to social media to express their reactions. Many expressed sadness and disappointment at the possible end of such a long-lasting relationship, while others shared memes and jokes about the situation.

The public response has been mixed – some have criticized the couple for airing their personal issues in public due to their reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’, while others have expressed support for them during this difficult time.

  • Some fans are calling for privacy and respect for both Ozzy and Sharon
  • Others are speculating on what may happen next, including potential divorce proceedings or reconciliation efforts
  • Celebrities like Kelly Ripa have publicly expressed sympathy for Sharon during this time

Speculation about the reasons for the split

Of course, without any confirmation from either party involved, all speculation is just that – speculation. Only time will tell whether or not these rumors are true and what led to this potential split after 33 years of marriage.

The Impact on Their Family

In addition to their biological family members, Ozzy and Sharon have also become known as parental figures to many fans through their reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’.

If they do announce an official separation or divorce, it’s likely that many viewers will feel personally invested in what happens next for them. However, until there is confirmation from either party regarding these rumors, all we can do is wait and see what unfolds.

The effect on their children

While the rumored split between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has yet to be confirmed, there’s no denying that it would have a significant impact on their family. The couple shares three children together: Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

Their children have been vocal about their love and support for both parents in the past, but a separation could still be difficult for them to navigate. Here are some possible ways that this rumored split could affect each of their children:

  • Aimee may choose to stay out of the public eye even more than she already does
  • Kelly may feel torn between supporting both parents during this difficult time
  • Jack may take on more responsibilities within the family as he tries to keep things running smoothly

Sharon’s role as Ozzy’s manager

If the rumors about their split turn out to be true, it remains to be seen what will happen to their professional partnership. Will Sharon continue managing Ozzy’s career? Or will they go their separate ways both personally and professionally?

The future of their joint ventures and businesses

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is what will happen to the joint ventures and businesses that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have built together. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Their reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’ may come to an end if they decide not to continue filming
  • Ozzy’s upcoming tour dates may be impacted, especially if he needs additional support for his sobriety
  • Their music management company, which represents several high-profile bands and artists, could be affected depending on the terms of their separation

Despite these potential changes, it’s worth noting that both Ozzy and Sharon are successful businesspeople in their own right. They each have their own careers outside of their joint ventures, so it’s possible that they will continue working independently even after a split.

Possible Reconciliation

Of course, it’s impossible to know what will happen with any certainty until one or both parties speak out about the alleged split. Regardless of whether they stay together or go their separate ways, there’s no denying that Ozzy and Sharon have had a significant impact on each other’s lives – personally and professionally – over the past 33 years.

Previous splits and reconciliations

Despite these challenges, their love for each other has endured, as evidenced by their many public declarations of affection over the years:

  • In interviews, both Ozzy and Sharon have spoken about how much they mean to each other
  • They’ve renewed their vows multiple times throughout their marriage
  • Their children – Aimee, Kelly and Jack – have often spoken about how close-knit the family is despite any ups and downs along the way

Statements from Ozzy and Sharon about the possibility of reconciliation

As of now, neither Ozzy nor Sharon Osbourne have made any official statements regarding the rumors of their split. However, in the past, both have spoken about the possibility of reconciliation and working through their problems as a couple.

In an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2014, Ozzy said that he and Sharon had been through “hell and back” but that they still loved each other. He also mentioned that they had gone to marriage counseling to work on their issues.

  • “It’s been very hard for us all – long hours spent apart while Ozzy was on tour last year,” said Sharon during her appearance on CBS daytime show ‘The Talk’ in May 2021
  • “I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m going to do,” added Sharon when asked about her future plans if she does end up separating from Ozzy

Public reaction to the news of a possible reconciliation

Their children have also weighed in on the situation. Daughter Kelly tweeted her support of both parents, while son Jack admitted that he didn’t know much more than what was being reported in the media. It remains to be seen whether Ozzy and Sharon will reconcile or if they will choose to move forward separately.


As of now, it’s unclear whether Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have actually split up or if they’re just going through a rough patch. Regardless, their rumored separation has sparked plenty of speculation and discussion among fans and the media alike.

Despite the challenges they’ve faced over the years, Ozzy and Sharon have always managed to find a way to make things work. Whether they ultimately stay together or go their separate ways, there’s no denying that they’ve had an enduring impact on each other’s lives as well as on popular culture at large.

  • Their long-lasting marriage has been an inspiration for many couples around the world
  • Ozzy’s career in music has spanned more than five decades and includes his time with Black Sabbath as well as his solo work
  • Sharon is known not only for her role as Ozzy’s manager but also for her contributions to television production and talent management

Final thoughts on Ozzy and Sharon’s relationship

As we await further news about their rumored split, it is clear that both Ozzy and Sharon have left an indelible mark on popular culture – whether separately or together.

The lasting impact of their rumored split

However, it’s important to remember that these are still just rumors at this point. Neither Ozzy nor Sharon have confirmed anything yet, so there is still a possibility that they’ll work through any issues and stay together.

Regardless of what happens next for them as a couple, one thing is certain: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have left an indelible mark on pop culture over the past few decades. Their love story has been tumultuous but inspiring in its own way – showing that even when things get tough, some couples can find a way to make it work.

Speculation about their future as a couple

Regardless of what happens next for Ozzy and Sharon, it’s clear that they will both face challenges in the coming months. Here are some potential implications if they do ultimately decide to split:

  • Ozzy may struggle with his sobriety without Sharon’s support system around him
  • Their children – Aimee, Kelly, and Jack – will likely be impacted by their parents’ separation
  • The fate of their joint business ventures – including ‘The Osbournes’ reality show and Ozzfest music festival – remains uncertain

FAQ on ‘Ozzy Osbourne and Wife Sharon Rumored to Have Split After 33 Years of Marriage’

Q: What is the reason behind their rumored split?

A: The reason for their rumored split is currently unknown. However, there have been reports of infidelity on Ozzy’s part in the past.

Q: Have either Ozzy or Sharon commented on the rumors?

A: As of now, neither Ozzy nor Sharon have publicly commented on the rumors.

Q: How many children do Ozzy and Sharon have together?

A: The couple has three children together – Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

Q: What is the current status of their relationship?

A: It is unclear what the current status of their relationship is. The couple has been through many ups and downs throughout their marriage, including past separations and reconciliations.