Six distinct emotional phases follow a divorce.

Six distinct emotional phases follow a divorce.

     Divorce is a stressful life event that can be difficult to manage emotionally. Here are six stages of the divorce process and how to cope with each one.

     Getting a divorce may be very confusing, aggravating, and stressful. To make sense of the uncertainty you are feeling, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the many phases of emotional development. It would be best if, in addition, you had compassion for how people react to divorce since each individual has a unique way of coping with the experience. Keeping a positive attitude and maintaining optimism for a better life are two of the most important things you can do to make your recovery easier. Getting a divorce involves going through several different emotional stages, some of which will be simpler to go through than others.

     Why is it that the stages of the divorce process that are tied to emotions are so hard to go through? It is tragic and challenging for individuals to bear the sadness of losing a marriage. However, even after the formalities of getting a divorce have been completed, many people continue to question what went wrong in their marriage.

     Going through a divorce may be a trying and stressful process overall, but navigating the many stages of this transition can be particularly tough at times. 

The following are three explanations for this:

  1. There was a significant amount of love shared by the couple now divorcing, and this love may still be present even though they are filing for divorce. But, unfortunately, letting go of someone you care about is never simple. Because you were together for such an extended period, it is possible that you and your ex shared a unique and trustworthy relationship. 
  2. Divorcing each other after spending so many years together and sharing so much with each other will not be a pleasant experience for either of you. Thinking about how the emotional and physical closeness between the two of you will suddenly be severed is guaranteed to flood you with negative emotions and thoughts.
  3. Adjustments will be made to your routine and way of life that will feel completely foreign to you. When you lived with your spouse, you shared a life that was planned out, as well as plans and goals for the future. The unexpected absence of your spouse may cause significant disruptions to the everyday routine that you have been accustomed to. Dealing with essential shifts in circumstance may be overpowering, challenging, and stressful.

The Six Emotional Stages One Goes Through Before Accepting a Divorce.

  1. Denial.
    It is not always easy to come to terms with the fact that one is currently going through a divorce. You might be under the impression that it was due to your incapacity to resolve the issues that arose inside your marriage. This may cause you to become caught up in a tornado of feelings and ideas that hinder you from acknowledging reality. It’s even possible that you think there’s anything you can do to make things right with your lover again.
  2. Shock.
    You may behave peculiarly. Your mind will be flooded with various feelings as a direct result of the sudden shock of the divorce, which may cause you to panic. The magnitude of this surprise magnifies when you consider the amount of time you devoted to your spouse and family over your lifetime.
  3. Different Feelings and Emotions.
    It will be challenging for you to maintain control of your emotions. You will do all in your power to make sense of everything that has transpired up to this moment, even though you have gone from feeling hopeful to feeling nothing but sorrow. There’s also a possibility that the dissolution of your marriage consumes all of your thoughts.
  4. Bargaining.
    You have not given up hope that things will work out for the best in your marriage. You are so determined to better yourself and your situation that you are prepared to do anything. You might have to take extreme measures to alter your ex’s mind about breaking up. However, at this point, you will need to come to terms with the fact that you cannot regulate the emotions that other people experience. The only thing that bargaining does is delay the terrible truth of divorce.
  5. Letting go.
    When you finally come to terms with the fact that there is nothing you can do or say to bring back your marriage, you will stop blaming your ex-spouse and begin to comprehend your shortcomings and the factors that led to the dissolution of your wedding. You could also experience a sense of liberation and an improvement in your attitude toward what the future has in store for you. You are now in a position to let go and go on.
  6. Acceptance.
    The unpleasant feelings are finished for good. You get the sense that you have finally arrived at the point when you can live a life full of joy and contentment. A time period of development will occur concurrently with this stage. You will realize that there is life after a divorce and that your future holds many more reasons to be hopeful about the future.