The Financial Knowledge to Reach Fair Child Support Solutions.

     Every child has the right to material support from both parents, and every parent has an obligation to provide it. When parents aren’t married or don’t live together, the parent who spends less time raising the child fulfills that obligation by making higher monthly child support payments.

     The statutes that govern child support in California are relatively straightforward. They are designed to ensure that child support arrangement are fair to parents and to children alike. However, there are always exceptions. By working with a knowledgeable attorney, you greatly decrease your risk of receiving unfair treatment in the family court system.

Uncovering Hidden Sources of Income.

     In accordance with child support guidelines, payments are based primarily on the incomes of the parents. Often, parents will attempt to hide or misrepresent income in order to manipulate the system and gain a more advantageous child support settlement.     Hidden income can be uncovered, but it takes skill and experience. With a master of laws degree in taxation and 10 years of experience working as a corporate tax attorney, we have an uncommonly strong financial background. Working with accountants, she can investigate thoroughly to discover if the other parent has attempted to hide income.