Location: Puerto Rico, San Juan County, San Juan
General Information: 34 years of experience|New York
Contact Information:

In addition to his primary practice areas, Luis has also handled cases in a wide range of other areas, including immigration law, criminal law, and bankruptcy law. He has a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to providing his clients with the highest level of legal representation. Luis is admitted to practice in the state of New York, and he is registered with the New York State Office of Court Administration. His ID number is 2224897, and he has been practicing law since 1988.

Despite his impressive qualifications and experience, Luis is committed to providing his clients with affordable legal services. He charges no fees for his services, ensuring that his clients can receive the legal representation they need without worrying about the cost. Luis is fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows him to communicate effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Throughout his career, Luis has been recognized for his outstanding work in the field. He has received numerous awards and accolades, which serve as a testament to his expertise and dedication. His commitment to excellence has earned him the respect of his peers and the admiration of his clients.

Luis is an active member of the New York State Bar Association, where he has been a member since 1988. As a member of this prestigious organization, Luis has access to the latest legal developments, enabling him to provide his clients with the best possible representation. He is committed to staying up-to-date with changes in the law and using this knowledge to benefit his clients.