The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans Want to Know – Are Crystal and Sutton Still Friends?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans Want to Know – Are Crystal and Sutton Still Friends?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans Want to Know
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Are Crystal and Sutton still friends? No, they are not currently friends.


Crystal and Sutton have had an eventful season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so far. They started off as friends but had a significant falling out over some comments made by Sutton about Crystal’s race. However, they seemed to patch things up during their trip to Lake Tahoe, where they bonded over shared experiences. Despite this reconciliation, there have been rumors circulating that their friendship has hit another rough patch.

Brief overview of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The show features a diverse cast of strong-willed women who are not afraid to speak their minds and get into heated arguments. Along with their lavish lifestyles, viewers get an inside look at their personal relationships, including friendships and romantic partnerships. Some notable cast members include Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff.

Over the years, fans have been drawn to the drama-filled storylines and larger-than-life personalities showcased on the show. From explosive arguments to extravagant parties and vacations around the world, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills never fails to keep audiences entertained.

Importance of Crystal and Sutton’s friendship to fans

  • Representation: As one of the few Asian American women in the cast, Crystal brings much-needed diversity to the show. Her friendship with Sutton helps break down racial barriers and promotes understanding between different cultures.
  • Drama: Let’s face it – fans love drama! The tension between Crystal and Sutton adds an element of excitement to each episode, leaving viewers eager to see what will happen next.
  • Relatability: Many viewers can relate to having conflicts with friends or misunderstandings due to cultural differences. Seeing how Crystal and Sutton navigate these challenges can provide insight into similar situations in real life.

In short, while their friendship may not be perfect, it plays an essential role in keeping audiences engaged with the show’s content.

Who are Crystal and Sutton?

Sutton Stracke joined the show as a friend of the housewives in Season 10 before becoming a full-time cast member in Season 11. Here are some things you might not know about Sutton:

  • She’s originally from Augusta, Georgia but now lives in Los Angeles.
  • Before appearing on RHOBH, she was known for her work as a fashion consultant and stylist for celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Aniston.
  • Sutton is passionate about philanthropy and serves on the board of several charitable organizations such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and LAXart.

Their unique backgrounds add depth to their characters on the show, making them compelling figures that viewers love to watch (and speculate about).

Background information on Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff is one of the newest cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was born in California and grew up in a Chinese American family. Here are some more background details on Crystal:

  • Professional career: Before joining the show, Crystal worked as a film producer and runs her own business.
  • Family life: She is married to Rob Minkoff, who directed Disney’s “The Lion King” movie. Together they have two children.
  • Hobbies and interests: In her free time, Crystal enjoys playing tennis and practicing martial arts like Krav Maga.

Despite being new to reality TV, Crystal has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to her no-nonsense attitude and willingness to stand up for herself when necessary.

Background information on Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke is a new addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, joining in the show’s tenth season. She was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia and later moved to New York City to work as a stylist for designers such as Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera.

  • Philanthropy: Sutton is known for her charitable work and has served on various boards including the American Ballet Theatre, LACMA Costume Council, and St. John’s Health Center Foundation.
  • Motherhood: Sutton is a mother of three children – two daughters named Porter and Philipper, as well as a son named James.
  • Divorce: In 2017, Sutton went through a high-profile divorce from her ex-husband Christian Stracke after 17 years of marriage. Christian currently works at PIMCO Investment Management Company.

Sutton joined the show with no previous ties to any of the other cast members but quickly formed friendships with some while experiencing tension with others – most notably Crystal Kung Minkoff.

How did Crystal and Sutton meet?

  • Their first meeting was at Sutton’s home in Bel Air.
  • Sutton had invited several women over for a dinner party, including Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais.
  • Crystal was new to the group and had never met any of the other ladies before that night.

Despite being strangers at first, Crystal and Sutton hit it off right away. They bonded over shared interests like fashion and parenting, and even exchanged phone numbers by the end of the evening. It seemed as though they were destined to become good friends – but as we’ve seen throughout this season, things can change quickly in the world of reality TV!

Details of their initial meeting

However, tensions began to rise later in the season due to some comments made by Sutton regarding Crystal’s race. It remains unclear whether they have fully resolved these issues or if there is still animosity between them.

Their first impressions of each other

It is interesting to look back at these first interactions now that we have seen how their relationship has evolved throughout the season. Despite starting off on relatively good terms, there were underlying tensions between them that eventually came to light.

The ups and downs of their friendship

  • The Downs:
    • Sutton made an insensitive comment about Crystal’s ethnicity during a group dinner that offended her deeply.
    • Crystal called out Sutton for her behavior in front of the group, causing tension between them.Sutton felt hurt when she found out that Crystal had spoken behind her back to another cast member.

    Despite these challenges, it remains unclear whether or not they are still friends outside of filming. Fans will have to keep tuning in to find out!

    Positive moments in their friendship

    • Apologies: After Sutton’s initial comments about Crystal’s race caused tension between them, she apologized genuinely, acknowledging her mistake. Similarly, when Crystal felt hurt by some of Sutton’s later actions, she was willing to listen to Sutton’s side of things before accepting her apology.
    • Bonding over shared experiences: During their trip to Lake Tahoe with the rest of the cast, Crystal opened up about a personal tragedy she had experienced. This vulnerable moment allowed both women to connect on a deeper level and set aside their differences.
    • Mutual respect: Throughout all of their conflicts, it is clear that both Crystal and Sutton respect each other as individuals. They may not always agree or see eye-to-eye but they are willing to hear each other out.

    These positive moments show that despite challenges faced along the way, there is hope for these two women to continue building a strong friendship moving forward.

    Examples of support and bonding

    • In Lake Tahoe, they shared a heart-to-heart conversation about their past traumas and experiences with body shaming. This vulnerable moment helped them bond over shared struggles.
    • Sutton defended Crystal against another cast member who made derogatory comments about her race during a group dinner.
    • Crystal invited Sutton to her husband’s surprise party, indicating that she still values Sutton’s friendship despite their earlier conflict.

    These examples show that while they may not always agree or see eye to eye, Crystal and Sutton do care for each other on some level. It remains to be seen whether their friendship will continue to grow or if more drama is on the horizon.

    Negative moments in their friendship

    • Racially insensitive comments: Sutton made a comment about Crystal’s race in one episode that caused a lot of controversy and hurt feelings. While she apologized and tried to make amends, it was clear that the incident had damaged their friendship.
    • Miscommunication: In another instance, Crystal felt like Sutton was talking behind her back and trying to stir up drama. However, when they talked it out, they realized it was just a misunderstanding.

    These moments highlight the challenges of maintaining friendships while navigating reality TV fame and differing cultural backgrounds. It remains to be seen how these issues will affect their dynamic moving forward.

    Examples of conflict and tension

    While these moments were undoubtedly uncomfortable for both parties involved, they also helped shed light on important issues such as racial sensitivity and cultural differences. Fans are eager to see how their relationship develops throughout the rest of the season and whether they can continue moving forward together.

    What happened in Season 11?

    • In episode 3, Sutton made some controversial comments about Crystal’s ethnicity, which sparked an argument between them.
    • The tension continued in episode 4 when Crystal confronted Sutton about her behavior.
    • During their trip to Lake Tahoe in episodes 5 and 6, they had a heart-to-heart conversation and seemed to put their issues behind them.

    However, rumors have surfaced that their friendship may be on the rocks again. In recent episodes:

    • Sutton appeared upset when she wasn’t invited to Crystal’s Lunar New Year celebration in episode 10.
    • In episode 11, there was tension between them during a group dinner where they discussed race relations in America.

    It remains unclear whether or not they are still friends as the season continues to unfold. Fans will just have to tune in to find out!

    Details of the incidents that caused friction between Crystal and Sutton

    Their conflict came to a head again during their trip to Lake Tahoe. While trying on clothes together, Sutton brought up the previous disagreement and tried to apologize. However, her apology only seemed to make things worse as it focused more on her own feelings rather than acknowledging the harm she had caused.

    • Crystal expressed frustration with Sutton’s lack of understanding regarding why her initial comments were hurtful and offensive.
    • Sutton became defensive and accused Crystal of not accepting her apology, which led to another argument between them.

    While they did eventually reconcile after talking things out further, there are still questions among fans about whether their friendship will continue beyond the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    How their friendship was impacted by these incidents

    The situation came to a head during an emotional conversation in which the two women tried to work through their issues. While they were able to make amends at the time, there have been rumors circulating that their relationship may still be strained.

    • Some fans speculate that lingering resentment from the initial incident has not fully dissipated
    • Others believe that new conflicts may have arisen between them off-camera
    • Despite these rumors, both Crystal and Sutton have stated publicly that they are committed to repairing their friendship and moving forward positively.

    Only time will tell how this dynamic plays out over the course of the season – but one thing is for sure: viewers will be tuning in eagerly to find out!

    The aftermath of Season 11

    However, it’s important to remember that The Real Housewives franchise is known for its dramatic twists and turns. It’s possible that Crystal and Sutton will reconcile once again or even become frenemies who keep viewers guessing with their unpredictable interactions. Ultimately, only time will tell what the future holds for these two cast members.

    Updates on their current relationship

    While these updates don’t necessarily confirm the end of their friendship, fans are undoubtedly curious to know what led to the apparent fallout and whether they will be able to repair their relationship going forward.

    Their thoughts on the incidents from Season 11

    • Sutton has apologized for her comments and acknowledged that they were hurtful to Crystal. She has expressed regret over how things played out between them and has made efforts to repair their relationship.
    • Crystal has said that while she was initially hurt by Sutton’s remarks, she appreciates her apology and is willing to move forward. She also acknowledges that misunderstandings can happen due to cultural differences, but it is important to have open communication and learn from each other.

    While there may still be some tension between them, both women seem committed to working through their issues and maintaining a positive relationship going forward.


    As the season progresses, fans are eagerly waiting to see how Crystal and Sutton’s friendship will continue to evolve. Will they be able to overcome any further challenges thrown their way? Or will their differences prove too great to reconcile?

    Regardless of what happens, it is clear that their dynamic has played a significant role in keeping viewers invested in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. From representation to drama and relatability, there are many reasons why fans care about their relationship.

    Only time will tell if Crystal and Sutton’s bond can withstand the pressures of reality TV, but one thing is for sure – audiences will be tuning in each week to find out.

    Recap of Crystal and Sutton’s friendship

    Despite these ups and downs, it is clear that both women value each other and are trying to make their friendship work. Fans will be eagerly watching future episodes to see how things unfold between Crystal and Sutton.

    Final thoughts on their current status and potential future together

    It remains to be seen how their friendship will progress in future episodes or even seasons. While there is always a chance for reconciliation, their conflict highlights important issues surrounding race and cultural sensitivity that should continue to be addressed in mainstream media.

    FAQ on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans Want to Know – Are Crystal and Sutton Still Friends?’

    Q: What caused tension between Crystal and Sutton?

    A: The tension between the two women stemmed from a misunderstanding during a conversation about race and ethnicity.

    Q: Did Crystal forgive Sutton for their disagreement?

    A: It seems that Crystal may have forgiven Sutton, but there are still unresolved issues between them that may impact their friendship going forward.

    Q: Have either of them commented on their current relationship?

    A: Both Crystal and Sutton have given interviews discussing their relationship since filming the show, but they have not specifically addressed whether they are still friends or not.

    Q: Will viewers get an update on their friendship in future episodes?

    A: It is possible that future episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will provide updates on the status of Crystal and Sutton’s friendship.