The Real Reason Behind Carly and Sonnys Divorce Revealed

The Real Reason Behind Carly and Sonnys Divorce Revealed

Reasons Behind Carly and Sonny’s Divorce Details
Communication Issues Carly and Sonny had a difficult time communicating effectively, which led to frequent misunderstandings and arguments.
Trust Issues Carly struggled to trust Sonny after he kept secrets from her and involved her in his dangerous business dealings.
Infidelity Both Carly and Sonny were unfaithful to each other at different points in their marriage, which eroded their trust and commitment.
Parenting Differences Carly and Sonny had different parenting styles and disagreed on how to raise their children, which caused tension and conflict.
Personality Clashes Carly and Sonny had very different personalities and values, which often caused friction and made it difficult for them to find common ground.

The Real Reason Behind Carly and Sonny’s Divorce Revealed

According to sources close to the show, Carly and Sonny’s marriage had been falling apart for some time due to several factors:

  • Sonny’s involvement in organized crime causing constant danger for Carly and their children
  • Their opposing views on how to raise their children
  • Carly feeling neglected by Sonny due to his busy schedule as a mob boss

It seems that these issues ultimately led to the end of their relationship, despite Carly’s attempts at reconciliation. This revelation has left fans saddened but also eager to see how each character will move forward from this dramatic turn of events.


General Hospital has been one of the most beloved daytime dramas on television for over five decades. The show first premiered in 1963 and has since become a staple in many households across America. It follows the lives of the residents of Port Charles, New York, including their relationships, struggles, and triumphs.

The show is known for its gripping storylines that often involve love triangles, family drama, and unexpected plot twists. Over the years, General Hospital has introduced us to some iconic characters like Luke Spencer, Laura Webber Baldwin, Sonny Corinthos and Carly Benson Corinthos just to name a few.

One of the most significant events on General Hospital was Carly and Sonny’s divorce which shook fans to their core. Their relationship had been a cornerstone of the show for years and seeing it come to an end left viewers heartbroken.


Carly and Sonny’s relationship has been one of the most iconic on General Hospital. It began in the late 90s when Carly came to Port Charles seeking revenge against her birth mother, Bobbie Spencer. Along the way, she met Sonny Corinthos who was a powerful mob boss in town.

Their love story was a rocky one from the start due to their different backgrounds and opposing views on life. However, they eventually fell deeply in love and got married. Their marriage had its ups and downs over the years but they always managed to find their way back to each other until their eventual divorce.

  • Some of the most memorable moments of Carly and Sonny’s relationship include:
    • Sonny rescuing Carly from a mental institution
    • Carly shooting Tony Jones at their wedding reception
    • Sonny faking his death to protect Carly from danger


The impact of their divorce has also been felt by the actors who play these characters. Both Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Laura Wright (Carly) have received an outpouring of support from fans during this difficult time. It remains to be seen what will happen next for these two beloved characters on General Hospital.

Carly and Sonny’s Marriage

Despite these challenges, Carly and Sonny remained committed to each other for many years. They weathered through various storms including kidnappings, blackmails, deaths in the family among others. However, when it became clear that they could no longer make things work between them due primarily to irreconcilable differences such as those listed above along with others not mentioned here; they finally decided it was best for them both if they went separate ways.

Their divorce shook fans who had grown attached to seeing them together over so many years but also gave hope for new storylines as well as opportunities for growth of other characters who have been supporting players throughout this long-running soap opera series!

The Beginning of Their Relationship

Despite their initial animosity towards each other due to their differing backgrounds and views on life, they soon found themselves falling in love. Some of the key moments that marked the start of their relationship include:

  • Carly moving into Sonny’s penthouse after being kicked out by Bobbie
  • Sonny helping Carly cope with her mental breakdown after finding out about her son Michael’s paternity
  • Their first kiss which occurred during a hospital charity event

From there, their relationship only became more complicated as they navigated personal struggles and obstacles together while also trying to balance Sonny’s dangerous career as a mobster.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

Although initially reluctant to work for someone like Sonny, Carly eventually took the job and began working closely with him. Over time, they developed feelings for each other despite their different backgrounds and opposing views on life. Their relationship was often fraught with danger due to Sonny’s involvement in organized crime but they always managed to find their way back to each other until their eventual divorce.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

Their connection grew stronger as they began working together at Sonny’s coffee warehouse. They bonded over their mutual desire for power and control, both in their personal lives and in the business world.

  • Some key factors that contributed to Carly and Sonny’s initial attraction include:
    • Sonny’s protectiveness towards Carly
    • Carly’s strong personality which challenged Sonny
    • Their physical chemistry

This attraction eventually turned into love despite numerous obstacles along the way such as interference from other characters like Brenda Barrett or Jax who were vying for Carly’s affections. Despite these challenges however it was clear that there was something special between them which kept fans rooting for them even after their divorce.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

The start of Carly and Sonny’s relationship was a tumultuous one. Carly came to Port Charles seeking revenge against her birth mother, Bobbie Spencer, for putting her up for adoption as a baby. Along the way, she met Sonny Corinthos who was immediately drawn to her.

Sonny saw something in Carly that he couldn’t resist and they began seeing each other secretly. However, their relationship hit some major roadblocks due to their different backgrounds and views on life.

  • Some key moments in the start of their relationship include:
    • Carly blackmailing AJ Quartermaine into marrying her so she could get custody of his son
    • Sonny being hesitant about getting involved with someone from such a different world than his own
    • Carly discovering that Sonny was involved in organized crime but still choosing to stay with him despite the danger it put her in

The Marriage

One of the main issues in their marriage was Sonny’s involvement in organized crime. Carly never fully accepted this aspect of his life, and it put constant danger on her and their children. She tried to get him out of this life many times but failed.

Their opposing views on how to raise their children also caused a rift between them. Carly wanted more freedom for the kids while Sonny was very protective due to his dangerous lifestyle as a mob boss.

  • Other factors contributing towards their divorce include:
    • Sonny neglecting Carly due to his busy schedule as a mob boss
    • Misunderstandings and mistrust between them leading to conflicts
    • Infidelity by both parties

In conclusion, despite all these challenges, fans were devastated when the news about Carly and Sonny’s divorce broke out. Their love story had been an integral part of General Hospital for years, leaving viewers wondering what would happen next with each character moving forward from here.

The Marriage

One of the most significant moments in Carly and Sonny’s relationship was their proposal and wedding. It was a highly anticipated event that fans had been waiting for, for years.

Their proposal took place on Valentine’s Day when Sonny surprised Carly with a candlelit dinner at his penthouse. After professing his love to her, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Carly happily accepted, and they began planning their dream wedding.

  • Their wedding was a grand affair that included:
    • A lavish ceremony held at the Corinthos mansion
    • A beautiful gown designed by Bobbie Spencer
    • Famous Port Charles residents as guests, including Luke Spencer and Felicia Jones

Their wedding day was filled with joyous moments until tragedy struck when Tony Jones arrived drunk at the reception leading to Carly shooting him accidentally.

The Marriage

Despite these issues, they always found their way back to each other. They had a unique bond that allowed them to forgive each other for past mistakes and move forward together.

However, there were some events that ultimately led to the end of their marriage:

  • Sonny cheating on Carly with her best friend, Olivia Falconeri
  • Carly lying about the paternity of her child with Sonny which caused him immense pain and betrayal
  • Their inability to find common ground on important issues like parenting and Sonny’s criminal activities.

In the end, despite all of their ups and downs, fans will always remember Carly and Sonny’s epic love story which has left an indelible mark on General Hospital history.

The Marriage

Their chemistry on screen was palpable, which is why fans were devastated when news of their divorce broke out. Many fans had been rooting for them to overcome any obstacle that came their way, so seeing them go through such a heartbreaking event was difficult.

Overall, Carly and Sonny’s relationship will always be remembered as one of the greatest love stories in daytime television history. Their journey may have come to an end but their legacy will live on forever in the hearts of General Hospital fans.

The Problems in Their Marriage

Despite these problems, Carly and Sonny still loved each other deeply. However, the issues were too great to overcome ultimately leading them down the path of divorce. Fans will continue to watch as both characters navigate life without each other while rooting for them to find happiness again someday.

Sonny’s Business and Its Impact on Their Marriage

In addition to the constant threat of danger, Sonny’s business also took up a lot of his time which left Carly feeling neglected. She often felt like she came second to his job and struggled with balancing her own career aspirations with being a supportive wife.

  • Some specific instances where Sonny’s business caused issues in their marriage include:
    • Sonny faking his death to protect Carly from danger
    • Sonny involving their son Michael in the mob world against Carly’s wishes
    • Carly realizing that she couldn’t trust Sonny when he lied about ending his criminal activity

All these incidents eventually led to irreconcilable differences between them which resulted in their divorce.

Sonny’s Business and Its Impact on Their Marriage

One of the biggest challenges in Carly and Sonny’s relationship was Sonny’s involvement in organized crime. As a powerful mob boss, Sonny faced constant danger from rival gangs and law enforcement agencies trying to take him down. This put not only himself but also his loved ones, including Carly and their children, at risk.

The dangers of Sonny’s business often spilled over into his personal life, creating tension between him and Carly. She constantly worried about the safety of their family and wanted out of the dangerous lifestyle that came with being married to a mob boss.

  • Some examples of how Sonny’s business affected their relationship include:
    • Carly getting kidnapped by Lorenzo Alcazar as part of a revenge plot against Sonny
    • Sonny faking his death to protect himself and his family from danger
    • The fallout from Michael Corinthos’ shooting which was tied to Sonny’s business dealings

Sonny’s Business and Its Impact on Their Marriage

Carly had always been aware of the danger that came with being married to a mob boss, but as time went on, she became more fearful for her and her children’s safety. Some specific concerns included:

  • Their home being targeted by rival gangs
  • Sonny constantly putting himself in harm’s way to protect his business interests
  • Their children potentially becoming targets due to their father’s dangerous lifestyle

Despite Sonny taking precautions to keep his family safe, such as hiring bodyguards and installing security measures in their home, Carly still felt like they were never truly out of danger. This fear eventually drove a wedge between them and ultimately led to their decision to end their marriage.

Sonny’s Business and Its Impact on Their Marriage

Throughout the show, we see how Sonny’s job affected their relationship:

  • Carly always worried about Sonny’s safety and her children being exposed to violence
  • Sonny prioritizing his business over his family causing Carly to feel neglected
  • The pressure from law enforcement agencies investigating Sonny making it difficult for them to have a normal life together

The constant danger associated with Sonny’s work eventually became too much for Carly which played a role in their eventual divorce. The impact of Sonny’s profession highlights how external factors can affect even the strongest relationships.

Carly’s Infidelity

One of the major factors that led to Carly and Sonny’s divorce was Carly’s infidelity. Although she had been faithful for most of their marriage, her betrayal ultimately caused irreparable damage to their relationship.

The affair began when Carly started working closely with Jasper “Jax” Jacks on a business deal. Jax was a wealthy businessman who had also been romantically involved with several women in Port Charles over the years, including Carly’s best friend, Brenda Barrett.

  • Some of the events leading up to and surrounding Carly’s infidelity include:
    • Sonny becoming increasingly distant due to his involvement in organized crime
    • Carly feeling neglected and unimportant in Sonny’s life
    • Jax showing interest in Carly and offering her emotional support during a difficult time
    • Carly giving into temptation and sleeping with Jax

Carly’s Infidelity

One of the major events that led to Carly and Sonny’s divorce was Carly’s affair with Lorenzo Alcazar. Lorenzo was a powerful rival mob boss who had a complicated relationship with both Carly and Sonny.

Their affair began when Carly turned to Lorenzo for comfort during a difficult time in her marriage to Sonny. Despite knowing that it was wrong, they continued their secret relationship until they were eventually caught by Sonny.

  • Some key moments of Carly’s affair with Lorenzo include:
    • Lorenzo saving Carly from drowning
    • Sonny confronting them at the Metro Court hotel
    • Carly becoming pregnant with Lorenzos child while still married to Sonny

This scandalous affair further strained the already fragile relationship between Carley and Sonny, ultimately leading to their divorce. Fans were left heartbroken as one of General Hospital’s most beloved couples parted ways forever.

Carly’s Infidelity

This event ultimately contributed to their eventual divorce as it highlighted some of the underlying issues in their marriage that had been brewing for years. Fans were heartbroken to see such a beloved couple come undone, but it was also a testament to the show’s ability to tell compelling stories that keep viewers hooked year after year.

Carly’s Infidelity

One of the major turning points in Carly and Sonny’s relationship was when Carly cheated on him with his best friend, Jason Morgan. When Sonny found out about the affair, he was devastated and felt completely betrayed by both Carly and Jason.

Sonny’s reaction to Carly’s infidelity was intense and emotional. He became angry, hurt, and confused all at once. For a while, it seemed as though their marriage might not survive this latest obstacle.

  • Some key moments during this storyline include:
    • Sonny confronting Carly about her affair
    • Carly trying to make amends for what she had done
    • Sonny struggling to forgive both Carly and Jason for what they had done

This storyline marked a significant change in their relationship that ultimately led to their eventual divorce. It remains one of the most memorable storylines in General Hospital history.

Sonny’s Mental Health Issues

Throughout his time on General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos has struggled with mental health issues that have often put a strain on his relationships and personal life. These struggles are a result of his traumatic childhood experiences which include witnessing the murder of his father and being abandoned by his mother.

Sonny’s mental health issues manifest in several ways throughout the show including:

  • Bouts of depression and anxiety
  • Episodes of extreme anger and rage
  • Flashbacks to traumatic events from his past

In some instances, Sonny turns to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with these issues. His mental health struggles also impact those around him including Carly who often tries to support him but is unable to fully understand what he’s going through.

Sonny’s Mental Health Issues

One of the most significant plot points in Carly and Sonny’s relationship was Sonny’s bipolar disorder. The show tackled this issue head-on, shedding light on mental health awareness and educating viewers about the condition.

Sonny struggled with his diagnosis, which caused him to act erratically at times, affecting his relationships with those around him. However, Carly stood by him throughout it all, proving that their love could withstand any obstacle thrown their way.

  • Some key moments related to Sonny’s bipolar disorder include:
    • Sonny having a manic episode during which he shot Dante Falconeri
    • Carly supporting Sonny as he received treatment for his disorder
    • The couple working together to manage the effects of the illness on their marriage

Sonny’s Mental Health Issues

In addition to the issues mentioned earlier, Sonny’s mental health had a significant impact on their marriage. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2006 and struggled to manage his condition while balancing his responsibilities as a husband, father, and mob boss.

Sonny’s mood swings often caused tension between him and Carly, and he sometimes acted impulsively which put their family at risk. This strain was evident throughout their relationship as they tried to navigate the challenges of managing a mental illness within the context of a high-stakes lifestyle.

  • Some examples of how Sonny’s mental health impacted their marriage include:
    • His manic episodes causing him to make reckless decisions
    • Carly feeling helpless and frustrated when trying to support him during depressive episodes
    • Their different opinions on how best to manage his treatment plan

Sonny’s Mental Health Issues

This struggle became even more apparent when their son, Morgan, was killed in a car bombing meant for Julian Jerome. Carly blamed Sonny for Morgan’s death, feeling that his line of work ultimately led to their son’s demise.

  • Some examples of how Carly struggled to support Sonny include:
    • Trying to convince him to leave the mob and start a legitimate business
    • Hiding information from him about danger he faced
    • Frustration towards his inability or unwillingness to leave his criminal life behind

Carly eventually came around and tried her best to be supportive of Sonny while still looking out for her family’s safety. However, it seems that this constant tension between them may have played a role in the downfall of their relationship.

The Final Straw

The final straw in Carly and Sonny’s relationship was when Sonny decided to take over the Corinthos crime organization again. This put both him and his family in danger, something that Carly had always feared. She begged him to step down from his position, but he refused.

Meanwhile, their son Morgan was struggling with bipolar disorder which made things even more difficult for the couple. When Morgan’s medication was switched without their knowledge causing him to have a manic episode and later die in an explosion meant for Julian Jerome, it became too much for Carly to handle.

  • The events leading up to the end of their marriage included:
    • Sonny deciding to retake control of the Corinthos crime organization
    • Carly begging Sonny to step down but he refuses
    • Morgan struggling with bipolar disorder
    • Morgan dying in an explosion meant for Julian Jerome due to the switch of his medication without anyone knowing

The Death of Morgan Corinthos

One of the most tragic events in recent years on General Hospital was the death of Sonny and Carly’s son, Morgan Corinthos. The character was killed off in 2016 after a storyline involving his bipolar disorder medication.

Morgan’s death had a profound impact on both Sonny and Carly as well as the other characters on the show. It led to several storylines that explored grief, guilt, and redemption. Here are some key points about Morgan’s death:

  • The character died after stealing his father’s car bomb intended for Julian Jerome
  • Morgan was not taking his medication at the time which exacerbated his bipolar disorder
  • Sonny blamed himself for Morgan’s death because he had refused to let him join the mob business

Morgan’s death is still remembered by fans today as one of the most heartbreaking moments in General Hospital history.

The Death of Morgan Corinthos

One of the most devastating moments in Carly and Sonny’s relationship was the death of their son Morgan. Morgan was killed in a car bombing meant for his father, Sonny, who was a target because of his involvement with organized crime.

The loss of their son had an immense impact on both Carly and Sonny. It brought them closer together at first as they tried to cope with their grief but eventually drove them apart due to their differing ways of dealing with it.

  • Some specific effects that Morgans death had on Carly and Sonny include:
    • Carly blaming herself for not being able to protect her son
    • Sonny sinking into a deep depression and contemplating suicide
    • Their marriage becoming strained as they each coped with Morgans death in different ways

The Death of Morgan Corinthos

Their inability to communicate effectively with each other about these issues eventually caused their relationship irreparable harm. Fans were devastated when they finally announced their divorce after years of being together.

However, while it may be the end of an era for General Hospital fans, it is also a new beginning for Carly and Sonny as individual characters who will continue on with new storylines and adventures.

The Death of Morgan Corinthos

The decision to divorce was a difficult one for Carly and Sonny. Despite their struggles over the years, they always found a way to work things out. However, this time it seemed like there was no going back.

According to sources close to the show, there were several factors that led up to the decision:

  • Sonny’s involvement in organized crime which put Carly and their children in danger on numerous occasions
  • Carly feeling neglected by Sonny due to his busy schedule as a mob boss
  • Their opposing views on how to raise their children, especially when it came to protecting them from Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle

All of these issues ultimately proved too much for Carly and Sonny’s relationship. Fans were shocked but also intrigued by this new storyline and eagerly awaited what would happen next for each character.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of Carly and Sonny’s divorce has been a significant plot point on General Hospital. Fans have watched as both characters struggled to move on from their failed marriage.

Carly, in particular, has had a difficult time adjusting to life without Sonny. She has tried dating other men but hasn’t found anyone who measures up to her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Sonny has thrown himself into his work as usual, but there is no denying that he misses Carly and the life they shared together.

  • Some of the key moments in the aftermath of Carly and Sonny’s divorce include:
    • Carly confiding in Jason Morgan about her feelings for Sonny
    • Sonny developing amnesia after being shot and forgetting about his relationship with Carly
    • Carly getting engaged to Jasper Jacks while still harboring feelings for Sonny

The Impact on Their Children

The impact on their children highlights just how complex relationships can be, especially those that involve marriage and parenthood. It adds another layer to the drama on General Hospital which keeps viewers engaged episode after episode.

The Impact on Their Children

The impact of Carly and Sonny’s separation on their children was not limited to just these three examples. Their other two sons Dante Falconeri (Sonny’s son from a previous relationship) and Avery Jerome-Corinthos also felt its effects.

The Impact on Their Children

Their dedication to being good parents has been commendable, especially given the challenges that they face due to Sonny’s criminal involvement. Fans continue to root for them as they navigate this new chapter in their lives apart from each other.

The Impact on Their Children

With Carly and Sonny’s divorce now official, many fans are wondering what the future holds for their family dynamic. They share two children together, Morgan and Josslyn, who have been deeply affected by their parents’ split.

It remains to be seen how Carly and Sonny will navigate co-parenting while still maintaining their respective lives. However, there is hope that they can put aside their differences for the sake of their children.

  • Some possible scenarios for the future of Carly and Sonny’s family dynamic include:
    • Carly moving on with another love interest which could cause tension between her and Sonny
    • Sonny struggling to balance his mob responsibilities with his duties as a father
    • Morgan and Josslyn dealing with the aftermath of their parents’ divorce in different ways

Carly’s Future

Whatever happens next in Carly’s storyline, one thing is certain – she will continue to be a vital part of General Hospital and keep audiences captivated with her complex personality and unwavering strength.

Carly’s Future

Carly also had a brief fling with Franco Baldwin, who was initially considered an enemy of hers due to his criminal past. However, they eventually bonded over their shared experiences of being misunderstood by others.

Currently, Carly is married to Sonny’s former right-hand man Jason Morgan. Although they were originally just friends and business partners, their feelings for each other grew over time leading them into a romantic relationship.

Carly’s Future

Carly Benson Corinthos is one of the most popular and beloved characters on General Hospital. Over the years, she has undergone significant personal growth and development, both in her career and personal life.

Carly started off as a scheming troublemaker who was determined to get revenge against her birth mother Bobbie Spencer for giving her up for adoption. However, as time went on, Carly began to evolve into a more compassionate and selfless person.

  • Some of Carly’s notable achievements in her career include:
    • Becoming a successful hotelier by running the Metro Court Hotel
    • Becoming co-owner of Sonny’s coffee warehouse business
    • Helping to run Sonny’s organization when he was unable to due to health issues
  • In terms of personal growth, some moments that stand out include:
    • Developing close relationships with her children Michael, Morgan and Josslyn after years of struggling as a mother
    • Finding love with Jax Jacks despite their rocky history
    • Making amends with Bobbie Spencer and forging a strong bond with her birth mother

    Carly’s Future

    However, there are several factors that make a reunion seem unlikely:

    • Sonny’s continued involvement in organized crime which puts Carly and her family at risk
    • Their different views on how to raise their children
    • The fact that Sonny is currently married to another woman (although this has never stopped soap opera characters from rekindling old flames before!)

    Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not Carly and Sonny will find their way back to each other. In the meantime, General Hospital fans will continue to follow along as these beloved characters navigate new challenges and relationships.


    In conclusion, Carly and Sonny’s relationship may have come to an end but their legacy will live on through the countless moments they shared together on screen. As we continue watching General Hospital unfold before us each day, we can only hope that more iconic love stories like theirs will emerge over time.


    Their relationship was a central theme in the show, and its eventual demise marked a significant turning point for both characters. By understanding why they split up, viewers can better appreciate how each character evolves moving forward.

    • Some other reasons why it’s important to understand the real reason behind Carly and Sonny’s divorce are:
      • To gain insight into issues that can cause stress or strain within a marriage or relationship
      • To learn from their mistakes and possibly apply it in our own lives
      • To be able to engage with others who share similar experiences or emotions about failed relationships

    In conclusion, although it may have been difficult for some fans to see such an iconic couple break up, understanding the real reasons behind Carly and Sonny’s divorce ultimately allows us to connect more deeply with these beloved characters while highlighting universal themes around love, loss, growth and resilience.


    The story of Carly and Sonny has had a profound impact on both fans of General Hospital and the wider community. Their love story was one that many people could relate to, even if they weren’t involved in organized crime.

    Carly was seen as a strong and independent woman who wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself, while Sonny was viewed as a complicated man who struggled with his emotions. Together, they showed viewers that love can conquer all, even in the face of adversity.

    • Some ways in which their story impacted fans include:
      • Fans creating fan fiction about their favorite couple
      • Discussion forums online where fans can discuss their relationship and speculate on what will happen next
      • Viewers dressing up as Carly or Sonny for Halloween or other events

    In addition to impacting fans, their story also helped raise awareness about important issues such as mental health and domestic violence. The show tackled these topics through various storylines involving Carly’s struggles with bipolar disorder and her abusive ex-husband AJ Quartermaine.

    FAQ on ‘The Real Reason Behind Carly and Sonnys Divorce Revealed’

    Q: Did Carly and Sonny try to work things out before getting divorced?

    A: Yes, they attempted to reconcile multiple times but ultimately were unable to overcome their differences.

    Q: How did their children react to the divorce?

    A: Their children were devastated by the news of the divorce, especially their youngest daughter Josslyn who struggled with understanding why her parents couldn’t stay together.

    Q: Was there any infidelity involved in the divorce?

    A: No, there was no infidelity on either side that contributed to the end of their marriage.

    Q: Will Carly and Sonny ever get back together?

    A: As of now, it is unclear if Carly and Sonny will ever reconcile romantically. However, they have remained close friends and co-parents for the sake of their children.