What is Mediation?

     Mediation- is a process you can use to resolve disputes. If you have no dispute, you do not need mediation. Mediators do not have to be attorneys. A mediator can be anyone you trust who can help you resolve your dispute. However, you do need to know the legal basis for your position before you start the process or any negotiation.

     A Mediator is not working as an attorney and should not prepare legally binding documents on the disputed issue. The best way to mediate is to have a neutral mediator manage the negotiations while each party consults privately with their own attorney who helps them understand the issues, the facts, and the law and helps develop a negotiation and settlement strategy.

Divorcentral.com works with parties in mediation all the time. Often the client represents him/herself and we only “consult and counsel” them as they request. This saves clients money because we do not work directly with the opposing party at all.

     If you have questions about mediation, we can help you with them.